Cancer Conversations is the podcast series you hoped you would never need. Journalist and cancer survivor Helen King chats with cancer patients about their experiences, and experts give their insights on navigating the disease – to help anyone with any cancer live better and feel stronger

Dry July

How to process trauma with Somatic Movement (42.12)

Camille Ferruzzi was diagnosed with AML at 15. The somatic movement coach – connecting body, mind and nervous system – discusses why the nervous system is critical to processing trauma after cancer

Coping with cancer emotions with The Big Ordeal author Cynthia Hayes (41:38)

Been told to stay positive without guidance on how to? Cynthia Hayes wrote The Big Ordeal, after having uterine cancer and shares tools that can make a difference in your emotional and physical well-being

Reclaim strength: Exercise & cancer with Candice Kitt (34:43)

What is enough exercise during treatment? How do you safely get back into exercise after cancer? Rehab physiotherapist Candice Kitt shares solutions for cancer patients to benefit from movement, and Helen reflects on her own exercise experience

The power of open communication (37:06)

Rhys Jones is the former Lieutenant General of the NZ Defence Force and is composed in adversity. He became candid about his bowel cancer diagnosis after realising he inhibited family support him if he pretended to be strong

Unleash the joy: Personal style with Emma John (45:28)

Emma John is founder of Sisterhood of Style. The personal stylist and mum was diagnosed with cancer and for every round of chemotherapy she wore a bold outfit (and powerhouse scarves after she lost her hair). She inspires others to embrace bright styles

Cancer Conversations Trailer (00:49)

You can expect real stories with humour, authenticity, and hope. This includes body image after a cancer diagnosis, why it's OK to be vulnerable, the importance of exercise during and after treatment, returning to work, and so much more.

Navigating Life & Work Post-Cancer: Sarah Hodgetts’ Story (41:02)

Returning to work after cancer treatment can be a daunting prospect. In this episode, Helen is joined by Sarah Hodgetts to chat about their experiences with work and cancer.

Sarah is a resilient single parent who has experienced the rollercoaster of returning to work following cancer treatment. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 45, Sarah's world was turned upside down as she juggled her career, the demands of motherhood, and the emotional and financial toll of her diagnosis.

Her journey has given her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by those re-entering the workforce after cancer, making her the perfect guest to share advice and solidarity with others.

The Feeling of Cancer with Sandra Russell (46:28)

In this episode, Helen is joined by psychotherapist and author of The Feeling of Cancer, Sandra Russell.

Diagnosed with myeloma a decade ago, Sandra penned her book after she struggled to find accounts of cancer that were like her own. Sandra reflects on the shock, anger, loneliness, and isolation of a cancer diagnosis to the joy of connecting with other cancer patients.

And why it is important to feel cancer.

Post-traumatic growth after cancer with Tommy Livingstone (46:18)

Trauma often follows a cancer diagnosis. It can shatter your sense of self and how you experience the world.

It also has the ability to create major growth by allowing you to decide how you want to live your life.

To talk about post-traumatic growth with Helen is Wellington-based counselor Tommy Livingston. They talk about what trauma is, why post-traumatic growth can be a powerful experience and ways you can start your healing process.

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