For men

There are a range of online sessions – both live and on-demand – to help men as they navigate cancer. For men with any cancer at any stage, they include a Feel Stronger Live Better class with an expert guest speaker and self-care tips, through to wellness sessions including chair yoga, mindfulness and gentle Pilates. There are also a range of on-demand videos and podcasts.

Live online video classes – with guest speaker

Feel Better Live Stronger online sessions are for men with any cancer at any stage – from prognosis to “thrival”. The 60-minute class gives you the opportunity to be with a small group and listen to and chat with a guest speaker. This may be a person from the professional sporting arena, a respected Kiwi, someone with an inspiring story to share, or an expert who can give you more advice to help you feel more like yourself. This session, usually a group of 8-10 men, also includes our  trained facilitator who will share tips and techniques to help you look after your skin, hair, and  body  in a relaxed and interactive environment.

Once you have registered you will be sent a Confidence Kit of donated skincare and toiletries for the session. A Zoom link will be emailed to you ahead of the class.

You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you would like to, however we can offer only one Confidence Kit per year, to ensure we can provide one for all those who need them.

Jeremy Burfoot

Tuesday, March 12th at 6:30pm – Register here

Captain Jeremy Burfoot, is an aviation pilot with over 30 years and 23,000 hours of flying over 100 countries. He is a two-time cancer survivor and has raised over $500,000 for cancer charities. He rode a jet ski around New Zealand in 2006 for skin cancer awareness and attempted to ride a jet ski from London to Sydney in 2010. Jeremy still holds the world record for the longest distance on a jet ski in 24 hours at 2,287km. He is a published best-selling author of 7 books.

David Cattermole

Tuesday, April 9th at 6:30pm – Register here

David Cattermole is the founder of Blue Brothers, a charitable, not-for-profit organisation offering well-being, to promote group exercise and movement opportunities, foster camaraderie, and connection to men living with cancer in the South Island. It was his personal cancer journey that inspired him to establish Blue Brothers. After David’s diagnosis he committed to a strict health and fitness regime -his goal was not only to recover well from his operations but to continue to live life well. “It doesn’t stop me – in fact, I’m determined to face it head on,” he said. “We’ve gone positive.” David felt that if he was living with cancer there would be others out there too who might wish to connect.

Other sessions for men

In our expert Q&A sessions, each month we feature an expert in an online virtual Q&A forum – this may include someone working in healthcare, or a professional whose life experience is applicable to someone with cancer or their loved ones.. There are a range of online classes covering topics such as Managing Hair Loss and Regrowth, Chair Yoga ad Mat Pilates. Our on-demand videos include how to manage neuropathy and how to look after your hands, nail and feet. The Cancer Conversations podcasts include ‘The power of communication’ with Rhys Jones, the former Lieutenant General of the NZ Defence Force.

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