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Each month we feature an expert in this online virtual Q&A – this may include someone working in healthcare, or a professional whose life experience is applicable to someone with cancer or their loved ones.

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Dry July

These free, virtual sessions are informative and provide a way to help you feel more empowered and confident while navigating cancer. You’re welcome to tune in with friends and family, to this one-hour online session held on Zoom.

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David Downs

Topic: Clinical Trials

Sunday, 30th June at 5:00pm – Register here

David is an advocate for better and more affordable cancer investment and care. A cancer survivor, he is paying it forward after receiving a lifeline from CAR T-cell therapy. In 2018, David was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After 12 rounds of chemotherapy, David was told his cancer was not treatable. He got into a USA clinical trial for CAR T-cell therapy and the treatment saved his life, but cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since then, he has clocked hundreds of hours and kilometres driving support through public speaking events, media appearances, comedy shows and a book (‘A mild touch of the cancer’). He meets with patients and helps navigate them into clinical trials. As an ambassador for the Malaghan Institute he works to bring the ground-breaking cancer treatment that saved him to New Zealand. David is a trustee of the Well Foundation, a charity that helps the Waitemata District Health board, where he was treated.

Lance Burdett

Topic: Anxiety & Sleep

Sunday, 21st July at 4:00pmRegister here

In this session Lance will explain how we can learn to manage sleep and our anxieties. Our interactive chat gives you the opportunity to ask Lance questions.

After 20 years in construction Lance spent 22 years as a cop becoming New Zealand’s leading crisis negotiator. Lance has been described as “The most qualified and highly skilled negotiator within NZ Police”, training with the elite tactical units of Police, Corrections, Fire, Military, and the FBI.

Lance is a speaker, coach, author and wellbeing expert. He has a Master of Arts Degree, (Terrorism, Safety & Security), a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, a Diploma in Policing and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management. Publishing two bestselling books – Behind the Tape, Life on the Police Frontline and Dark Side of the Brain, Adapting to Adversity – he is writing a third book on anxiety

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