Class FAQs

“I walked in apprehensive and nervous, having lost a lot of self-esteem and walked out with so much more confidence. I felt amazing!” - Class Attendee

1.    Who can attend a Look Good Feel Better class?

Classes are free for any woman or teen going through any form of cancer treatment for any type of cancer. And soon we‘ll also be offering classes to meet the needs of NZ men experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment.

2.    How much does it cost to attend a Look Good Feel Better class?

It’s free! There is no cost to attend a class.

3.    When is the best time to come to a class?

We suggest you come to a class when we can be of most help with the visible side effects you may experience. 

4.    How long does a class take?

The class lasts 2 ½ hours. In the class you’ll learn how to deal with the changes cancer treatment causes to your skin, face shape, hair and nails – and you’ll get a makeover, plus a personalised set of cosmetic products you can continue to use at home.

5.    What will I learn by going to a class that I can’t learn at home?

Classes are a step by step learning sessions led by trained cosmetic and beauty professionals. You’ll be able to get answers to any questions you have such as how to fill in or draw your eyebrows or how to camouflage particular types of pigmentation. You’ll receive a personalised makeup kit to use during the session. This is yours to keep and take home with you. You will also receive the support of others coping with cancer treatment, those about to go through it, and those that have been there. Put these factors together and you have lots of reasons to sign up for a class.

6.    I haven’t lost my hair, can I still attend a class?

Yes. Our classes are designed to help cancer patients work through the physical side effects of cancer treatment, which include everything from skin changes to hair loss.

7.    Does Look Good Feel Better provide wigs or wig support?

Yes. Dealing with hair loss can be challenging. There are lots of options - wigs and head covers come in all shades and sizes. At the end of every class there is a session where you can learn more and ask questions about how to find the best wig or head cover option for you.

8.    Do you recommend any particular cosmetic or skin care brands to use during cancer treatment?

We do not recommend products by brand, but we do believe that mild products are best. Before adopting any skin care regimen, be sure to have your physician’s OK

9.    Can I bring my carer/friend to the class?

Yes, most of our classes have plenty of space. Please indicate on the Registration Form that you would like to bring a support person. If there are any issues with the size of the room we will be in touch

10.  I have never used make up, will I be expected to know what to do?

 Do not worry, our qualified beauty volunteers will guide you through every step of the session and make sure you are comfortable.

11.  Can l come back?

Our class are free to attend, if you wish to have a refresher or things have changed you can always rebook and bring your donated skincare and makeup kit back and have another session

12.  Can a makeup class really change how someone feels?

Finding out you have cancer can be daunting and life changing. The added stress of the physical side effects of treatment can be demoralising and very hard to cope with. This can impact self-esteem and confidence at a time when a positive attitude is very important. The emphasis in all our classes is to relax and have fun. It’s a chance to do something practical, proactive and positive and to meet people in a similar situation. Many participants tell us that Look Good Feel Better helped them regain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment makes everything feel overwhelming.