About Our Volunteers

About Our Volunteers

Since 1992, thousands of volunteers have offered their time and skills to LGFB. The volunteers, across the whole country, are the driving force behind the LGFB programme and ensure it continues to run.

Volunteers are essential to the continued success of Look Good Feel Better NZ. Without the support received from these fabulous volunteers, Look Good Feel Better would not be able to run this free workshop in local communities across the whole of New Zealand.

If you’re a cosmetic professional or just interested in helping, please consider joining more than 750 people who donate their time and skills to the LGFB program. By joining the LGFB volunteer team you’ll be impacting the lives of thousands of women across New Zealand, helping them regain their confidence and sense of self.

All volunteers are important, not just in the workshops, but also in other areas of the organisation. Whether you are a salon professional, or simply a caring individual, there may be a local Look Good Feel Better volunteer opportunity for you.

Workshop Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of the Look Good Feel Better organisation so new volunteers are always very welcome.

Class participants, who are undergoing cancer treatment, gain tremendous benefit from the beauty expertise our volunteers bring to the classes we run.

During a class, participants need to be treated with respect and sensitivity. Your friendly and caring attitude is all part of helping boost their self-esteem. You will need to be able to listen to the participant with empathy. Any advice you give can only relate to appearance and cosmetic use, not to any medical issues.

To qualify as a Workshop Volunteer, a background in the skin care and cosmetics industry is certainly useful, but not essential.  Training in skin care and makeup application is provided, and your participation in the volunteer team would involve a training session (or more if required) which covers tips for skincare and makeup application and also protocols and processes specific to the LGFB classes - e.g. why there is such an emphasis on hygiene. It is also appreciated if you could give a minimum time commitment of three classes per year.

* Please be aware that not all of our regions hold Feel Better Classes on Saturdays, to check your region class dates please view the schedules here.

 General Volunteers

Every local Look Good Feel Better programme requires well-organised, caring, friendly, dynamic volunteers who can help to make everything run smoothly. 

Volunteers are required for a variety of activities including setting up for the Feel Better Workshops, morning teas at the classes, assisting at events and fund raising activities and brochure drops at hospitals and cancer treatment centres.

These different roles are just as important to us as the workshop volunteer team.