Cancer Conversations is the podcast you never knew you'd need for the diagnosis; no one wants to hear. You'll hear from people navigating a cancer diagnosis and experts to help you recover.

Dry July


    Wellness and Cancer

    Helen is joined by Phillidelphia-based somatic movement coach Camille Ferruzzi.

    Camille was diagnosed with AML, a type of blood cancer, when she was fifteen. Camille has explored all sorts of wellness modalities over the fifteen years she's been in remission. After training as a yoga instructor, she became a personal trainer and a corrective exercise specialist. With somatics bridging her training by connecting the body, mind, and nervous system.

    During their conversation, Camille and Helen discuss somatic movement, the seductiveness of wellness, and why working with the nervous system is critical to processing trauma after cancer.

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    The Big Ordeal Author

    Have you been told to stay positive without any real guidance on how to do so? It's time to break free from ineffective coping methods and start learning the practical, evidence-based strategies that can truly make a difference in your emotional and physical well-being. Join us in this episode to discover the tools you need to navigate this challenging journey with resilience and hope.

    Helen is joined by the author of The Big Ordeal, Cynthia Hayes, who was inspired to pen her book after her experience with uterine cancer.

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    Reclaim your Strength

    We have all heard about the benefits of exercise for people going through cancer treatment and beyond. But what does 'enough' exercise look like? And how do you safely get back into exercise after an event like cancer?

    This week Helen is joined by Pinc & Steel physiotherapist Candice Kitt to find out what we can do to empower ourselves after a cancer diagnosis. Candice shares easy solutions for cancer patients to benefit from movement, and Helen reflects on her experience with exercise.

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    The Power of Open Communication

    CEO of Fire and Emergency Lieutenant General Rhys Jones (retired).

    Rhys understands firsthand the importance of open communication about cancer experiences. Having served 35 years in the military, Rhys has learned to stay calm and composed in adversity. After being diagnosed with bowel cancer, he became transparent about his journey, opening up vital conversations about early detection and self-care.

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    Unleash the Joy

    The first guest on our new podcast Cancer Conversations is the fabulous Emma John, personal stylist and founder of Sisterhood of Style. Emma was already juggling a bustling life when she received a cancer diagnosis that completely upended her world.

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    Cancer Conversations Trailer

    Hosted by Helen King, journalist and cancer survivor, you can expect real stories with humour, authenticity, and hope. In season one, we're talking about body image after a cancer diagnosis, why it's OK to be vulnerable, the importance of exercise during and after treatment, returning to work, and so much more.

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