What to Expect

We hear from our participants that coming to a Look Good Feel Class can sometimes feel daunting and initially they think it is not for them. We hope we can alleviate some of these concerns by giving you more information on what to expect and to share of the wonderful experiences our participants have had by signing up and joining a class.

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Our classes are for anyone with any cancer at any stage

There is no requirement for you to be in active treatment or suffering hair loss.

Here is a short video to help you understand what is involved in the class.

What to Expect in a Class

Our classes tend to have around 5-10 people joining, of all ages, and at various stages of diagnosis or treatment.

For most classes you will receive a specially selected kit of donated product that is relevant for the chosen class type, and where possible matched to your skin tone.

For online classes, most participants chose to keep the video on so the facilitator and other participants can have a better interactive experience, but you can turn your camera off if you prefer.

It is an opportunity to meet with others who are going through something similar. There is no pressure to share your personal story, and the session is up lifting, fun and focused around feeling better and connecting with those in the community.

You can view our On Demand videos to get a taster of the advice given at our classes.

Bring Along A Support Person

To help you feel at ease and to share your experience, you are welcome to bring along a friend or whānau member to a community class.

Your support person will be welcomed into the group, but the focus will be on the participant to give them the tips and techniques to face cancer with confidence. We are only able to provide a kit for the participant.

To ensure the environment is relaxing for all our participants, we kindly ask that no children under 14 are bought along into a class.

What Our Participants Say...

“Being with women in the same situation as I was in and being able share and laugh our way through what was happening to our bodies was very empowering. To come away feeling more confident in our appearance was an absolute boost. Thanks to all the volunteers and people behind the scenes, you are amazing.”

Participant, Whakatane

“It was an amazing experience of genuine concern and care and generosity. Generosity of not only cosmetics but of people's sharing of their time and their knowledge. Wonderful meeting with other women on a similar journey and some on a far more difficult journey than myself. I am extremely grateful for the experience.”

Participant, Invercargill

“This is a wonderful opportunity at a time when we are not feeling our best, to do things to help in a safe environment. I am also booked for a community class next week.”

Online Participant

“Absolutely wrapped I had a smile from ear to ear. The experience left me in a great frame of mind which hasn't worn off yet. Thank you so much to all the volunteers and sponsors who make this happen.”

Participant, Auckland

“I really enjoyed the online class. When you live in the provinces, there is not as much help readily available, so being part of an online class was so helpful.”

Online Participant, Wairarapa

“My volunteer made me feel very special and showed huge empathy compassion and knowledge. I cannot put into words my heartfelt thanks for been able to take part.”

Participant, Taupo

"It’s good to get with a group of men, just to share the experience, learn a few things – it really is good to talk, and know you are not alone."

Mens Participant

“Amazing experience. A bit apprehensive at first but was soon put at ease by my helper. Left there on a high. Thanks to all.”

Participant, Palmerston North

“My Volunteer made me feel very special and showed huge empathy, compassion and knowledge. I cannot put into words my heartfelt thanks for being able to take part.“

Participant, Christchurch

“Whilst I was originally a little uncertain about the value of this class I have to say that the speaker was inspirational and the facilitator was extremely uplifting and positive. So overall I was very pleased to have had my arm ever so gently twisted by my Health Professional Nurse”

Online Men’s Participant

“Thank you for a wonderful experience for women who have been through what is one of the most difficult and stressful times of their life. Makeup and skincare often goes to the back of the queue when feeling unwell.”

Participant, Oamaru

“I was very impressed and made to feel very comfortable with the other people around me. They are doing a great job of lifting morale for people who are self-conscience with where they are at the moment.”

Participant, Auckland



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