Dry July

Go Dry this July to raise funds for New Zealanders facing cancer

Dry July challenges you, your family, friends and workmates to go alcohol-free for a month and raise funds for people affected by cancer. Funds raised through Dry July enable cancer charity Look Good Feel Better to support cancer patients.

We want to raise a glass and say a non-alcoholic ‘cheers’ this July. By taking part in Dry July, your support will provide services and care that help make life better for people affected by cancer. That’s something not to drink to!

The Look Good Feel Better programme helps people with cancer to look and feel more like their normal selves and face their cancer with confidence. A month off alcohol also has positive personal health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy, and of course, no hangovers. So you’re not only helping others, you’re helping yourself. It’s a win-win.

So, join us in raising a glass of your favourite non-alcoholic drink this July, and say cheers to a better life for people affected by cancer.

Go Dry this July

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How can you support?

You or your business can sign up and participate in Dry July.

Registrations are now open, so spread the word and Go Dry for the month of July.

The more funds raised, the bigger the difference Look Good Feel Better can continue to make.

Follow the link below to learn more or sign up today.


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Go Dry this July to raise funds for New Zealanders facing cancer.



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